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Get Localization Workspace is a great solution for managing your organisation's translation workflow. Bring your own team of translators and proofreaders to work on your content and easily boost your team with our expert translators and proofreaders whenever you need.

Micro Free   Starter 99€ monthly Professional 299€ monthly Premium 699€ monthly Enterprise Contact Us Request a quote
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Single Workspace Two Workspaces Ten Workspaces Ten Workspaces Unlimited Workspaces

Each Workspace Includes

10,000 words 50,000 words 750,000 words 2,000,000 words Unlimited
5 users 25 users 75 users 250 users Unlimited users
Glossary Glossary Shareable Glossary Shareable Glossary Shareable Glossary
Translation Memory Translation Memory Shareable TM Shareable TM with Analysis Shareable TM with Analysis
Own domain Own domain Own domain
Optional custom EULA for translators Optional custom EULA for translators
Dedicated Support
Custom File Formats

Professional Translation Pricing

Standard Standard Standard Analysis Based Analysis Based

Tools, Integrations and APIs

Translate.js Translate.js Translate.js Translate.js Translate.js
File Management API File Management API File Management API File Management API File Management API
Translation Memory Analysis Translation Memory Analysis
Custom Integrations
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How do I know my project word count?
The trial does not have any limits and it will help you to decide which plan is right for you.
Do I need multiple projects?
Typically you need one project for one product. Let's say you have Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Web versions of your product. Then you only need one project as you can upload all of those files into a single project. This also means that you do not need to translate the same texts several times, all translations are automatically synchronized between your files.
What happens if my project reaches the word count limit?
You will get an e-mail notification about this. We will not immediately delete anything or prevent translators from working. You can then either remove some content to free space or upgrade to another plan. Please don't hesitate to contact us and we can advise you on the best choice for you.
How are words calculated?
Words cover your whole project, from master files to translations. If you have an application with 500 words and you wish to translate it into 5 languages, it approximately will require 3000 words. This means that the Micro plan is a good choice for you.
Can I get a quote for professional translation work?
You can get an instant quote after you sign up and prepare your project, our system is fully automated to calculate the best available price for your work.
Can I use my own translators?
Of course! It's not mandatory to buy translations from us, it's just an additional service we want to offer for your convenience. You can invite whomever you wish to translate your content: your own users or even translation agencies.