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Professional Translation

When you have sensitive or very complex content or a tight schedule, your choice is professional translation.

Translation is not just about translating word by word, it’s not just about nailing the grammar and most of all, it’s not about making a text barely understandable in another language. The translations are a vital part of your appearance, your UX and your marketing. Professional translators are a guarantee for correct text and coherent style which will help you to send out the message you intended to.

All Get Localization translators are experienced in translation and editing, most of them are also formally educated in these skills. The translators have been carefully selected and reviewed and you can count on them to deliver solid results in every situation. And they are not hidden behind our walls: you can always see who you are working with and be in direct contact with them whenever you need to.

You can achieve best results and a smooth process by working with the same trusted translators throughout your product life-cycle.

Get Localization caters for all your translation needs. You can order translations through Get Localization Go and also easily from within your Get Localization Workspace.